Praying: Praying for others, is one of the most important things, we can do.  Pray for yourself and God’s will in your life.  Then pray for your family, our fellowship, and our leaders.  Be a blessing to someone, God brings into your life this week.  Smile at those you see.  Send a card of encouragement. Be Jesus to someone you meet. There are many ways to share His Love with others.

Also pray for your NMI Council as we work to follow the Lord’s leading in planning projects for our church family to get involved with. 





Upcoming Mission Trips Planned


Nov. 10-17, 2018








Upcoming Mission Trips Planned

MAD Youth W&W (Peru)- Dec 28-Jan 11

Fawn Grove - June 2019








If you have any questions:

Please contact

Kim Myers

717.552.1407 cell






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