History of Shippensburg Church of the Nazarene

The Church of the Nazarene in Shippensburg was organized September 1939, following a tent revival held by Rev. Charles Hollowaly on the corner of Burd and Fayette Streets.

            Services were held for some time in a school house and then in homes of members and friends. Services were discontinued until the spring of 1943 when Mrs. Leone Scott led a prayer meeting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Snyder along with most of the original members.

            Services were then held in renter buildings and rooms until the lot at the present was purchased about 1949. On September 30, 1951, ground breaking ceremonies were held for the erection of a basement church. The basement was sufficiently completed to be used and the first service was held in what is now the basement of the present building on Easter Sunday, 1956.

            The church continued to grow and prosper and dedication services were held on April 20, 1959.  Soon afterwards, the decision was made to build the top of the building. Many hours of donated labor and much sacrifice were invested in the erection of the building. The building was completed and dedicated on September 10, 1961, amidst expressions of great joy and gratitude.

            We are grateful for all the faithful soldiers of the Cross, both ministers and laymen, who labored faithfully, carrying the burdens and making many sacrifices, that the Church of the Nazarene could be established in Shippensburg. As we look back at our small church beginnings, let us take renewed courage that the God of the past is also the God of the present and future. Surely He will lead us on to even greater victories in the days ahead.